PhD in Urban and Regional Planning and Design Courses

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URSP 804 -  Advanced Planning Theory (3 Credits)
Ph.D. level course on relations between theory and practice in planning. Ways of developing and using knowledge in collective action. Challenges to organizing for planning, finding knowledge useful for planning and balancing social attachments with free inquiry.


URSP 805 - Seminar in Research Design (3 Credits)
Addresses fundamental aspects of research design for Ph.D. students in urban planning and policy-related fields. Topics include principles of research design, formulating a feasible hypothesis and identifying appropriate methodology for testing hypotheses eg. qualitative methods, quantitative methods, survey research. Writing of proposals and dissertation. Publication, presentation, and funding.


URSP 810  - Contemporary Metropolitan Issues (3 Credits)
Introduces Ph.D. students to current metropolitan issues. Focus is on the historical development of the issue, problem definition, methodological approaches to its study, methodological dilemmas, and the ways that different conclusions are translated into policy. Topics vary from semester to semester but include such topics as the spatial mismatch hypothesis, the impact of urban design and form on travel behavior, the impact of technology on urban form, the justification for historic preservation, and sustainable development.


URSP 898 - Pre-Candidacy Research (1 - 8 Credits)
Selected topics in Urban Studies and Planning. Topics will vary with the instructor.


URSP 899 - Doctoral Dissertation Research (6 Credits)
​​​​​​​This course is a required course for the Ph.D program in Urban and Regional Planning and Design.