Master of Community Planning + Master of Health Administration (CPHA)

The dual degree with the School of Public Health (Master of Community Planning (MCP) and Master of Health Administration (MHA) is designed to train future professionals with the expertise to create healthy and sustainable communities. A core element central to both community planning and public health is the built environment, which includes human-designed and built surroundings that provide the settings for all aspects of human life, ranging from buildings and homes to parks and recreation facilities. A well-planned community enhances public health, and the public’s health requires healthy facilities and a built environment that support and promote healthy living.

Applicants for the dual degree in community planning and health administration should use the following four-letter codes on the online application

  • New major code: CPHA
  • New degree code: 384A
  • Degree conferral major codes: CMPL (for the MCP) and HLSA (for the MHA)