Mike Binder

Michael Binder

Associate Clinical Professor
Executive Committee Member, reACT ThinkTank
Principal at Binder Regenerative Design Studio


Mike Binder is a Registered Architect focused on regenerative design (beyond sustainability). The arc of his career began in Science, then in Engineering specializing in system simulation of rockets and jet engines. It was this interest in systems thinking and a desire to help reshape the built environment through sustainable design that led him to the field of Architecture – integrating social, economic, aesthetic, and environmental considerations. Mike has been part of four Solar Decathlons with the University (as a student, a mentor and a faculty advisor). He received his M.Arch from UMD in 2006.

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Michael Binder (reACT ThinkTank Iconic Projects)

Master of Architecture
University of Maryland
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan
Master of Science in Physics
University of Wisconsin