Mahima Arora

Mahima Arora | Graduate Student

Graduate Student, MEng Robotics | University of Maryland


Mahima Arora is a graduate student in Robotics at the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

For Mahima, “Robotics” conjures up a future vision where robots and humans collaborate and fill each other’s void to overcome limitations with extreme efficiency. Technology in this space is nascent, given the fact that we are trying to match the most complex and advanced biological robots ever made – Humans. The exciting realm of possibilities in this space like trying to build trust between humans and machines as well as machines being able to comprehend what is going around them, therefore, excites her and has persuaded her to study Robotics at the University of Maryland, College Park. She completed her undergraduate in Mechatronics Engineering from India which provided her a wonderful platform to build a solid foundation for her future ambition. After spending 3 months in France on a summer internship in her undergrad where she worked on the design and control of a Micro Robot for minimally invasive surgery, she was further drawn towards the idea of fully autonomous machines. Their team developed an Ontological Robotic System for Micro-Robot Assisted Cholesteatoma Surgery which augmented her knowledge of embedded control and programming; as well as gave her exposure to Micro-Robotics and Surgical Robotics. "It was one of the richest experiences I have ever had" as quoted by her. After she graduated, she worked as a software engineer for about 2.5 years in Siemens digital Industry Software and Intelizign Engineering Services and now, she is presently at the University of Maryland to pursue her passion again for developing “Robots for a Purpose”.

Masters in Robotics Engineering
University of Maryland
Bachelor of Technology in Mechatronics
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies