Gerard Boulin

Gérard Boulin

Business Coordinator
Preinkert Hall


Gérard Boulin has a BS from The Pennsylvania State University. He has over 7+ years of relevant professional experience working in the educational and nonprofit field as well as event management. He has a certification in Research Grant Administration. His non-profit organization---SWIFF INC. foundation bring relief, academic support and assistance to the neediest by strengthening and inspiring the youth for his native country of Haiti. Gérard is dedicated in finding ways to help uplifting the youth for a better future. When he is not at work, Gérard likes to volunteer in the community, coaching youth basketball, be with his family, and close friends. Gérard also enjoys outdoor activities, hiking, arts, and sports. Gérard is fluent in Creole and French.

Bachelor of Science
Pennsylvania State University