HISP 611 Historical Research Methods



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W 7:00pm - 9:40pm (ARC 1117)
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Catalog Description

An overview of common research methods and documentation tools used in historic preservation.  Introductions to graphic documentation, building investigation, historical research, socioeconomic data collection and analysis. 

Goals and Objectives

  • To introduce students to methods of historic sites research through a combination of readings, case studies, and hands-on projects;
  • To familiarize students with the various stages of a research process; to assist students in learning a variety of skills used in historic sites research; and to provide an opportunity to explore different approaches to data collection, analysis, and synthesis;
  • To provide an intellectually stimulating forum for cross-disciplinary discussion of key concepts and approaches within the field of historic preservation;
  • To provide a supportive learning environment in which students can present work and learn to monitor their progress and maintain the momentum of research and writing;
  • To encourage students to develop an appreciation for intellectual inquiry and the search for knowledge outside their safety zone 
  • To help students develop a framework of ethics and values, including self-confidence, self-discipline, organization, and social responsibility, especially regarding academic/professional pursuits;
  • To create an awareness of the current and common social, political, and economic issues affecting preservation in the public realm. 


Prerequisite: Permission of ARCH-Historic Preservation Program. Credit only granted for: HISP610 or HISP611.

NAAB Student Performance Criteria Addressed (2014 Conditions for Accreditation)

  • Deed Assignment (10%)
  • Census Assignment (10%)
  • Probate Assignment (10%)
  • Map / Photograph Assignment (10%)
  • Newspaper Assignment (10%)
  • Oral History Assignment (10%)
  • Final Property History Project (30%)
  • Class Participation (10%)

NOTE: late assignments will be marked down the equivalent of ½ grade per day. If you have a personal emergency or illness, please contact instructor prior to the due date if at all possible.