GA Information

A Graduate Assistant (GA) for the Architecture Library typically works 10 hours per week* and performs the following job duties:

  • Managing a backlog of images of school events. This means data entry in Filemaker and Adobe Bridge, and uploading to Flickr.
  • Managing new images of activities of all the programs. Taking pictures, editing, data entry etc.
  • Scanning some items when certain architecture historians request images out of books for their lectures.
  • Putting Architecture, Planning, Preservation images in Artstor, so that more people can access them.
  • Perhaps managing a workshop on how to use Artstor.
  • Video-recording any of the lectures.
  • Uploading and editing the videos in FinalCut Pro and putting them on the School's YouTube Channel.
  • The Architecture Library has gift slides that are of unique places around the world, which could turn into scanning projects.

*Unless there is a lecture, and then you can comp hours one day for lectures another.

Submission of Applications:

To complete an application for a teaching assistantship, graduate assistantship, or research assistantship, please visit:

The Architecture Program Director will inform GA and TA applicants of the status of their application via email. If you receive a GA or TA position, you will be notified of your actual assignment in July. The Director will provide you with a contract outlining your duties and responsibilities. It is important for you to review the contract thoroughly as it is a legal document and when you sign it you are legally bound to the terms outlined therein. Prior to the beginning of the semester there will be a GA and TA orientation conducted by Monica Herrera, the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation HR representative. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory.

Contact Cindy Frank, Director of the Visual Resource Collection
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