Undergraduate Degrees

University of Maryland’s baccalaureate programs in architecture are tailored to complement the needs of contemporary undergraduate students.  Our undergraduate programs enable students to discover their academic and career passions through coursework and extracurricular experiences. 


We embrace the notion that we do not simply train future architects, rather we broadly educate the leaders of tomorrow’s design professions.  It is for that reason that we offer pre-professional degrees at the undergraduate level (similar to that of pre-med and pre-law) while reserving the professional degree for graduate level study. Explore our undergraduate degree programs in architecture and learn how they are designed to provide you with a strategic educational advantage. And while you’re at it, combine your interests in architecture with a minor in Construction Project Management, Real Estate Development, Sustainability Studies, and more. 


As an architecture major, you and your classmates will explore how architects and others in the design professions visualize and study their design propositions, how they analyze existing conditions, learn from the past, and devise new sustainable technologies in order to design a better future.  Importantly, in our degree programs you will have the opportunity to be a student of the University: to learn a language, to minor in an area of interest, to study abroad, participate in sports, or to be in the band.  In short, our undergraduate degree tracks are designed to give you a well-rounded education, to prepare you for a meaningful and productive career while being able to make adjustments to your course of study as your knowledge of the discipline becomes more refined.


You’ll find that University of Maryland affords you an opportunity to become a leader in the field of your choice!

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The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is an accelerated four-year pre-professional program designed to efficiently dovetail with the Master of Architecture, our NAAB accredited professional degree (and with similar Master of Architecture degrees offered at other institutions).


The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree track is an intensive Liberal Arts degree track that empowers students to explore a variety of interests and apply their knowledge to diverse career opportunities, including graduate study in architecture.