France: Architecture, Urbanism, and Landscape

Education Abroad
May 27, 2014 to July 8, 2014
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Summer 2014


As a part of this program, you will learn about the architecture, urbanism, and landscape traditions of France through direct encounters with historic and contemporary examples. Emphasis will be placed on the architects journal or sketchbook as a method of seeing, recording, and analyzing. You will also receive instruction in plein air sketching and drawing with particular emphasis on the medium of watercolor.



You will study in various cities in France including Tours, Paris, Nancy, and Lyon.



Through the program, you will share rooms with students in your program. In Paris, you will stay in apartments from LOCAFLAT in the historic center of the city. Apartments are fully equipped with Internet access, phones, laundry, and kitchen facilities. In Tours, Nancy, LaTourette, and Lyon, you will reside in hotels in the historic center of the city. The hotels provide breakfast, Internet access (except while in LaTourette), and a common area in which students can study in the evening.



This program is open to students in the Architecture Program only. Students must be in good academic and judicial standing. Please refer to the Fact Sheet at the top of this page for specific eligibility requirements.