Master of Science in Architecture




The Master of Science in Architecture degree is a post-professional degree that requires applicants to hold a NAAB Accredited professional degree or its international equivalent.  This program focuses on issues of sustainability related to the design of urban environments.


Changing the way we design and build our cities and communities is the first step toward developing a pattern for a sustainable world. Since World War II, the American landscape in particular has suffered from uncontrolled and unsustainable suburban sprawl. These patterns of development have contributed to air and water pollution, necessitated long commute times in personal vehicles, resulted in the formation of communities that have little or no civic identity, and drawn vital development away from urban centers.


Urban design looks beyond the design of individual buildings in order to provide sustainable design solutions for cities, towns, landscapes and campuses.  The post-professional degree program allows students to focus their studies in urban design, one of the Architecture Program’s nationally recognized strengths. Study in the post-professional program can be complemented by coursework in urban planning, historic preservation and real estate development.



Admission is competitive, and application requirements differ by degree program. We encourage applications from students with solid academic backgrounds who have earned or will earn at least a bachelor's degree at a regionally accredited college or university in the United States, or the equivalent of this degree in another country. As a minimum admission standard, the University of Maryland expects candidates to have a "B" average, or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, in a program of study resulting in a bachelor's degree.


You may apply for admission to the University of Maryland during or after your final year of undergraduate study, but you must furnish proof of graduation before the end of your first term of enrollment at the university.



This degree program permits students to explore the topics of urban design and sustainability in depth by working directly with faculty members who are leaders in the fields of urban design and landscape urbanism in collaboration with colleagues in planning, preservation, and real estate. 


The Master of Science in Architecture degree is a post-professional degree, it is not an accredited professional degree.  Only applicants who already possess an accredited professional degree will be considered for admission. International students take note the Master of Science in Architecture degree is not a shortcut to professional registration in the United States.  If you are seeking a path toward professional registration, you will need to apply for admission to the Master of Architecture degree program.  Applicants who have prior professional experience may receive preferential consideration for admission.



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