West Hyattsville Metro Station Study Area Crime Prevention and Safety Plan

Project (Studio)

This report presents the findings of a semester-long study of crime prevention and
safety in the West Hyattsville Metro area conducted by Urban Studies and Planning
students from the University of Maryland during the fall of 2006.

The West Hyattsville Metro area is surrounded by vacant land uses, parklands, and the
Kirkwood Apartments complex. Kirkwood Apartments is located in a low-income area
(relative to the region) and has a high turnover rate among residents. Together, the
transient nature of the residents, the Metro station, and the surrounding land uses
provide unique challenges in planning for crime prevention and safety concerns.


This report addresses strategies for improving the safety of the area and engaging
residents and relevant stakeholders in community crime prevention. Specifically, this
report addresses challenges to engaging transient communities in community crime
prevention and proposes practical crime prevention strategies while keeping in mind
the ways in which the physical and social environments surrounding transit stops
affect crime.


Faculty Advisor: Alex Chen

Rachel Fitzgerald
Sarah Franklin
Mandy Ma
Crystal Myers
Ted Stevens
Fall 2007