URSP688M Intermediate GIS Spring 2016

Project (Research)

Geographic Information System (GIS) is widely recognized and used in a variety of areas in planning, including: land use development, environmental and transportation planning, housing, neighborhood development, public health, and so on. Under the direction of Research Associate Dr. Chao Liu and visiting scholar Dr. Harutyun Shahumyan, URSP688M intermediate GIS course offered in Spring 2016  built on and extended the knowledge and skills that students acquired in URSP612 GIS application in Urban Planning and URSP688L Planning Technologies. This course is based on a combination of lab exercises, lectures, and discussion to gain both theoretical and practice aspects of using GIS for solving real-world issues. Students planned, designed, and executed their own projects for which they collected and manipulated the data for ArcMap, by using a variety of ways of analysis for their final project and report. At the end of the semester, students developed a good working knowledge of modeling various analyses, spatial statistics, network analysis, and web-based mapping applications. Students can apply the skills and knowledge they acquired in this course immediately in their current work, in other courses, in their Capstone projects, and in their future careers.

Spring 2016