It’s Not Easy Being Green Greening Wheaton: Opportunities for Water and Waste Conservation

Project (Studio)

This study focuses on the Wheaton Triangle, a clearly defined area within the Wheaton central business district. The concentration of shops and businesses located in Wheaton generates high levels of waste, including recyclable material, biodegradable food waste and trash. The studio examined green business strategies in order to determine their implications for restaurants, the larger community and site design for a potential redevelopment project. In addition to researching green business strategies that restaurants could adopt, the studio also investigated the restaurant owners’ and the broader Wheaton community’s
perceptions of restaurants adopting green business practices through surveys, interviews, and a focus group. Finally, the studio examined the impact on stormwater run-off if a large surface parking lot in the study area was redeveloped into a community green space.


Faculty Advisors: Alex Chen, Jim Cohen

Sara Behanna
Danielle Goodwin
Michael Helta
Riane McWain
Katie Michel
Stacey Oscavich
Jessica Reynolds
Lilly Shoup
Emily Tettelbaum
Philip Zurman
Fall 2009