Housing in Montgomery County

Project (Studio)

Montgomery County has a significant affordable housing problem. While the County has a long history of concern over this situation, demonstrated throughout its General Plan in objectives such as “Provide opportunities for the current and future workforce of Montgomery County to live in Montgomery County,” the problem has only grown in recent years.

In framing the research around housing affordability, the research team focused on housing for workers in the County, defining the study to workers earning between minimum wage and 120% of the area median income. This focus was not intended to negate the importance of finding affordable housing for those County residents who are not in the workforce (such as the elderly, the infirm, or those with mental disabilities). As a consequence to how the research team defined its study, others potential residents, such as those interested in living in Montgomery County but wanting to work elsewhere, were also excluded.


Faculty Advisor: Jim Cohen

Ilana Branda
Chalita Brandly
Tyson Byrne
Chris Dorney
Jubi Headley
Anton Jerve
Megan McElroy
Amy Neugebauer
Sebastian Oliva
Ari Schnitzer
Kate Shiflet
Jennifer Snowden
Jessica Solomon
Dave Traggorth
Fall 2007