Connect Barracks Row: A Future Vision for a Washington, DC Community

Project (Studio)

This report is part of a semester-long project undertaken by graduate planning students in the Urban Studies and Planning Program at the University of Maryland at College Park. With support from the local
community and the District of Columbiaʼs Department of Planning, this report makes recommendations as to how Lower Barracks Row can best respond to the changing neighborhood climate and evolve to help its current residents and surrounding communities. The borders of this study area were I Street SE to its north, M Street SE to its south, and 7th and 9th Streets SE to its west and east, respectively.


Faculty Advisor: Alex Chen

and Lynette Boswell  (Student, PHD Program)

Brent Beane
Rina Brule
Nicolas Dei Castelli
Chris Dickersin-Prokopp
Nkechi Hislop
Matthew Johnson
Mike Lancaster
Chris Loos
Charles Noble
Sean OʼNeill
Kate Rube
Catherine Walsh
Fall 2008