Arts IMPACT: Examining the Establishment of an Arts District on Baltimore’s West Side

Project (Studio)

This report examines the possibility in one city – Baltimore – of creating an arts district in an area with identifiable assets and potential but that has been stubbornly resistant to revitalization. We look closely at the area itself, including its built environment, how it’s connected to the rest of the city, what physical, cultural, financial and political factors portend a successful district designation and what barriers will hinder that success. We finish with a series of recommendations on how the city might go about creating an arts district on its West Side, and on some of the policy and leadership implications should it decide to proceed with the designation application.


For more information about this studio report or to request an additional copy, please contact:
Sidney Brower

Elaine R. Clisham
Lisa Govoni
Raymond Hayhurst
Mary Kendall
Lindsay Mamula
Maia Shanklin Roberts
Deborah Sward
Fall 2010