Willow Lung-Amam

Assistant Professor
(301) 405-6289
ARC 1226

Dr. Lung-Amam’s scholarship focuses on the link between social inequality and the built environment. It is particularly concerned with how the conditions in immigrant and minority communities are shaped by urban politics, policy, planning and design practice, and changing metropolitan geographies of social and economic inequality. Her research employs ethnographic and community-engaged methods that give voice to marginalized communities. She has worked professionally on master-planning projects in low-income communities, and with non-profits, public agencies, and private firms on issues of public housing and community development.


Dr. Lung-Amam is currently working on a book on Asian immigration in Silicon Valley, which investigates how recent trends in high tech immigration are reshaping suburban form, geographies of race, and politics of development in the region. Her interests in issues around immigration, race, and suburbia continue to evolve in various research projects exploring issues of equitable development in suburbia, suburban immigrant faith institutions, immigration in the American South, multi-generational home building trends, and gentrification in Washington, DC.


Dr. Lung-Amam teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in urban inequality and diversity, social planning and community development, and sustainability. She also serves as Affiliate Faculty to the National Center for Smart Growth Research and EducationConsortium on Race, Gender, and Ethnicity, Department of American Studies, and Asian American Studies Program, and as a Faculty Associate at the Maryland Population Research Center.



PhD - University of California, Berkeley 2012
MCP - University of Maryland 2007
BA - Stanford University 2000