Ariel Bierbaum

Assistant Professor
(301) 405-6798
ARC 1217

Dr. Bierbaum’s research explores questions about the mutually constitutive relationship between metropolitan inequality, urban politics, planning practice, and public education. Her current projects focus on school-level impacts of federal place-based anti-poverty, mass public school closures and neighborhood change, and the effect of school choice on transportation planning. Previously, Dr. Bierbaum worked in the fields of community development and arts, racial justice, and public policy. Most recently, she served as the Research Specialist/Program Director at the UC-Berkeley Center for Cities and Schools, a policy research and technical assistance center that works with local, regional, state, and federal planners and on connecting public education with local community development efforts, regional growth management strategies, and federal place-based programs. She was also a Visiting Fellow at the Urban Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania and an adjunct faculty member at the University of San Francisco. Dr. Bierbaum sits on the advisory board of Active Voice Labs and on the board of the 21st Century School Fund. She holds a PhD in City and Regional Planning from UC-Berkeley, a Master in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in urban studies from the University of Pennsylvania.