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Summer 2014

The Urban Studies and Planning Program currently has two, 6-credit summer studio course overseas.  One, in St. Petersburg Russia, occurs once every three years.  The studio topic is selected by our partnering institution, St. Petersburg State University’s Architecture Program.  Students in the studio spend the first four weeks in St. Petersburg, exploring the study site, developing a research plan with their co-partners, and conducting the research.  Professor Marie Howland has led the St. Petersburg studio since 1996.  The co-partners often include students in other programs in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and always include graduate students in the Architecture Program at St. Petersburg State.  The students then return to College Park for the remaining summer term and write up the report.

The other International studio, also done once every three years, is based in Cape Town, South Africa.  The format is similar to that of the St. Petersburg studio.  The most report examined the economic impact of the World Cup football matches that were held in Cape Town in 2010. 

We are exploring other international studio options for the next few years.

URSP students are eligible to participate in other education abroad classes offered by other programs in our School and in the University, as well as those offered by other programs in the Consortium of Universities in the Washington Metropolitan Area (see