Development in The Industrial Belt, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Education Abroad

July 2006
Summer 2007

In June and July of 2006, during the White Nights and the G8 Summit, seven University of Maryland students and one University of Washington student conducted a Community Planning Studio in the historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia.


The historic core of St. Petersburg, built primarily prior to 1910, is surrounded by an industrial belt, whose land use has not changed since its development in the 1920s. Factories that produce obsolete goods using outdated production models, as well as vacant buildings once housing heavy-industrial businesses, occupy large tracts of land in what otherwise is prime
real estate in terms of location. This paper explores the design options and financial advantages that the government can realize through the use of public-private partnerships which, in the face of these challenges, could be used to facilitate real estate development in the industrial belt that surrounds the historical district of St. Petersburg.