Kristi Adams


Kristi Adams is the founder and Director of Acquisitions and Development for a privately owned real estate investment firm. Starting the company part-time as a bootstrap entrepreneur in 2006, Kristi now directs all areas of the company’s acquisition and property management platforms. She is responsible for deal evaluation and sourcing, pre-development planning, securing financing, and ensuring that the firm's physical and operational standards are met. Prior to real estate development, Kristi worked for Deloitte Consulting, LLP as a Senior Consultant specializing in building data visualization briefings for high-visibility clients, such as building the business and recruiting plan for a Client directed by former Secretary of Defense Mr. Leon Panetta. She authored numerous business planning materials, including developing briefings presented verbatim to President Obama's internal business and policy councils. She won three outstanding client service awards for her ability to streamline and present complex business data for her clients. Kristi also served on active duty as a Captain in the United States Air Force (USAF) specializing as a nuclear weapons instructor and operator for the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) fleet. Her roles included leading training and curriculum development teams, and serving as the Chief of Current Operations for an elite missile instructor cadre, winning numerous awards during her tenure. Kristi has over 11 years of teaching experience, with an emphasis in creating powerful data visualization briefings and presentations for conveying complex subject material that features technical accuracy. Kristi holds a Master of Real Estate Development degree from the University of Maryland and a Master’s of Project Management from The George Washington University. Course Taught: RDEV688I: Capstone MRED, Professional Skills Instructor