Christian Bret Calleri


Christian Calleri works at the firm of Hartman-Cox, where he currently is working on a building at the University of Michigan. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he moved to the DC area to attend graduate school in the architecture department of the University of Maryland. There he learned the importance of urban design, high-quality architecture and their relationship to the social and economic health of the country.

Since then, Calleri has developed a keen interest in traditional architecture. This interest parallels his questioning of current trends in the architectural avant garde to embrace and in many cases reinforce multinational corporate culture and oppression. A secular humanist and environmental activist, he spends much of his time thinking about how to turn back America’s tide of suburbanization towards a greener, healthier and more socially progressive urban condition. He tries at all times to remember the historical and social lessons of Abraham Lincoln and Bobby Kennedy, as well as the architectural lessons of McKim Mead and White and John Russell Pope.