DOC Print Procedures Using Papercut


To access your papercut account information and print to the doc, follow the instructions below:


  • log onto one of the lab computers and the above desktop should appear.
  • a small window in the upper right corner should display your terrapin express balance
  • to login to your papercut account, select the "details" link below your balance
  • when the page shown appears, use your directory ID and password to login
  • the summary page will come up listing your balance and total jobs
  • disregard the "balance" category as you will only be using the Terrapin Express balance to print

Transaction History:

  • selecting the "transaction history" tab will give you a more detailed list of your transactions with dates and prices
  • if you are trying to find information on just a few transactions you can filter the list using the "show filter" option above the list

Recent Print Jobs

  • selecting the "recent print jobs" tab will give you even more detailed information on print jobs including size, printer, and filename
  • this list can also be filtered based on detailed parameters if you select "show filter" above the list

Jobs Pending Release

  • if you have sent a job to a printer in the doc but have not yet gone to release it, it will appear in the "jobs pending release" section
  • from here you can either cancel or release a job - you will not be charged for a print job until you release it
  • (releasing a job online allows the document to print automaticallywithout you swiping your card at the device in the DOC)


  • when you are ready to print, select print and chose a printer from the list (take note of the name ex. ARCHPT001)
  • at this point, verify that all your print settings are correct (paper size, orientation etc...)
  • you will not be able to change these settings
  • if you need a custom size for your document select "properties" and then the "custom" option to input the necessary dimensions
  • once everything is correct, select print
  • after hitting print, a message should pop up letting you know that your job has been held in queue
  • at this point, either login to papercut and release your job online (as shown previously) or proceed to the DOC to manually release
  • in the DOC, locate the plotter with the correct name
  • there will be a device next to it which you can use to release your job
  • swipe your card in the device
  • this screen should appear listing the jobs you have sent to the plotter
  • select the job on the touchscreen and you can either delete the job or select print
  • check the display on the plotter to see that your job has been sent and is ready to print