How to Request a Refund


Refunds are granted by the TSC. Stop by the office (0113) during our regular working hours 7am-7pm. Please bring the defective print job(s) and be prepared to answer a series of questions related to how you setup your print job. If a refund is granted, we will ask for your Directory ID (Usually first initial, last name) and the refund will processed immediately. If we are busy, all funds will be processed within 24hrs. Please note, at this present time, refunds are only good towards printing. We are working with Terrapin Express to have this fee added back to the Terrapin Express account, but a solution has not developed yet. Therefore, if you are a senior or a graduate student and suspect you will not be coming back, please make sure your prints are correct. Once you leave, the Papercut balance will remain in the system until you are purged from the system approximately one month after you graduate. Please see our refund policy below:


Refunds are only given for the following reasons and dealt with on a case-by-case basis:

  • Printer runs out of paper during a print job
  • Printer malfunctions and print(s) have been affected
  • Printer runs out of ink during a print job
  • Printer loses network connectivity and print(s) have been affected
  • Printer undergoes unforeseen hardware issues that affect Print(s)
  • User prints job and cancels job with no resources being used



Refunds will not be granted if:


  • User does not format file correctly
  • User sends a print job with incorrect print settings, including: page sizing, file type, and file rotation
  • User does not Flatten File
  • User has not received DOC training
  • User has general lack of understanding of DOC resources resulting in user error (case-by-case basis)