Economic and Community Development


The economic and community development cluster explores methods of promoting high technology jobs and economic growth in our metropolitan areas, the redevelopment of distressed communities, and methods of promoting sustainable economic development. A grant from the U.S. Economic Development Agency designates the University of Maryland as an EDA University Center. The EDA center, which is joint with Morgan State, involves faculty and students in the redevelopment of the distressed community surrounding Morgan State and the best ways to create an innovative economy that fosters economic growth and high quality jobs. Students and faculty in this specialization come from the fields of urban planning, real estate, economics, sociology, and architecture.


At Morgan University, scholars are working in the Morgan Community Mile Economic Development Project, a Northeast Baltimore neighborhood initiative to engage stakeholders in producing mutually defined community plans and projects, measurable outcomes, and positive community impact.

National Center for Smart Growth

  • Seed Initiative: The SEED Initiative's primary objective is to develop, promote, and implement an equitable and sustainable economic development approach in PlanMaryland, the State's first state-wide development plan. 
  • STAR Project: Working with local governments, civic organizations, and local residents in Western Maryland to identify the particular needs and opportunities for sustainable economic development. 
Assistant Professor - Director, UMD Morgan State Center for Economic Development
Professor - Associate Dean of Academic Affairs; Director, PhD Program
Professor - Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Creative Activity; Director, National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education

Darcy Buckley, Andrew Bernish, Daniel Brooks, Stephanie Doblosky, Rebecca Habtour, Ryan Hall, Tamara Harris, Philip LaCombe, Andrew Malone, Nancy Maring, Lucy Moore, Laura Richards, Natalie Sanchez, Allison Santacreu, Ted Van Houten, Amber Wendland