Sustainable Maryland Highlights Maryland’s 2016 Green Initiatives


Since 2011, Sustainable Maryland has empowered the state's 157 municipalities to create more vibrant, green communities. Administered by UMD’s Environmental Finance Center, Sustainable Maryland offers training, financial incentives and support to communities striving to build resilient and tailored programs that can improve quality of life. Six municipalities were certified in 2016, bringing the roster to 36 statewide; a total of 67 are now registered for the program, representing over 40% of Maryland’s towns and cities. The program’s 2016 annual report, released last month, highlights some of the achievements and innovative projects of these municipalities, including wind-powered light polls, honeybee protection, stormwater management and compost initiatives.


Read the full report here.

Learn more about Sustainable Maryland here.  

Above: The Riverwalk along the Wicomico River, Salisbury. Salisbury’s Mayor (and ARCH alum) Jake Day was instrumental in the installation of free Wi-Fi in the downtown area to encourage more economic activity at local merchants. 

Posted on April 4, 2017 by Maggie Haslam