Laura Andreini, ARCHEA ASSOCIATI: Building (in) the Landscape

March 8, 2017 - 5:00 PM
ARC 0204

Laura Andreini is principal and founding partner of ARCHEA ASSOCIATI.


She is associate professor of Architectural and Urban Composition at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence, where she graduated in architecture in 1990 and received her research doctorate in 1997. She currently teaches the Architectural Design courses in the Master’s Architecture and Environment Lab, and Architectural Design in the Architecture and Environment Lab for iCad – International Course on Architectural Design.


Ms. Andreini is deputy editor of “Area. Rivista internazionale di architettura e arti del progetto”, and managing editor of Forma publishing house. Co-founder of Archea Associati (1988), she designs and researches in the architectural and industrial design fields. Recent works include the new Antinori Winery in the Chianti Classico region, winner of the ArchDaily Building Award 2014, the Yanqing Grape Expo and the Li Ling World Ceramic Art City in China, the Colle Loreto residential complex in Lugano and the façade of the new stadium in Udine. 


In her words:


"If we design on a landscape scale and move away from the norms and criteria with which the architectural discipline defines buildings, we can conceive and imagine transformations of matter and materials based on a dimension of the land that relates to the supreme presence of the natural environment. The landscape — both as built and natural context — gives designers new models for knowing and interpreting. Yet, like all pre-existing fabric, it has its own identity and particular structure. Through human action it is a bearer of its tradition and specific history represented by a defined environmental form and structure."


"From this perspective, the three projects that we will present, the Antinori Winery in Tuscany, the Liling Ceramic Art City and the design for Yanqing Expo-Grape, both in China, all designed by Studio Archea, of which Laura Andreini is a co-founder, are more than architecture as they become chances to think about landscape and different ways of acting on it through projects that relate with a sense of continuity to their surroundings that express universally recognized value