Mark Leone


Mark Leone is interested in critical theory, as it applies to archaeology, and particularly, to historical archaeology. He has directed Archaeology in Annapolis since 1981 –a project that focuses on the historical archaeology of Annapolis and Maryland's Eastern Shore, and features the use of critical theory. Leone recruits potential doctoral students into the archaeology of Maryland's capital city and Eastern Shore, and also uses the opportunity to co-author scholarly pieces with them.


Leone received his Bachelor’s in History from Tufts University (1963), his Master’s and Ph.D in Anthropology from University of Arizona (1966, 1968), and is currently Director of the University of Maryland Field School in Urban Historical Archaeology (since 1983). He has helped to sponsor the building of an up-to-date Geographic Information System (GIS), for the Historic District of Annapolis, Preservation Web GIS, and teaches Anthropology and Architectural History courses at the University of Maryland.