ONE: Clemson University

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ONE   is   a   multi-use,   urban-infill   development, consisting   of   two   towers   that   stand   nine   and eleven  stories  tall.  The  complex  houses  70,000 square  feet  of  university  space,  285,000  square feet of office, and 45,000 square feet of retail and restaurant tenants. The project was developed on approximately 1.25 acres of land on Main Street in downtown   Greenville,   South   Carolina,   formerly occupied    by    an    abandoned    FW    Woolworth department  store  and  an  underserved  city  plaza. The   development   strategy   involved   working   in partnership with the City to finance and construct a retail  podium,  two  towers,  and  public  plaza.  The project’s  goal  was  to  re-center  Greenville  at  the intersection of Main Street and Washington Street, return retail to downtown, and set a new standard of design for the city.

David Bivens
Randy Clack
Wain Owings
Fall 2016
Faculty Advisors