Irini Zhupa

(301) 405-2166
ARC 1205

Irini Zhupa is an architectural designer and researcher. She practices at Ayers Saint Gross, Baltimore, designing higher education facilities.


Ms. Zhupa’s interdisciplinary research exists in the meeting place between ecological remediation and urban social reform. Her MArch thesis, Edge Urbanism, presented a paradigm of a symbiotic relationship between three currently separate systems within Baltimore: hydrology, industry and the urban fabric. The thesis fostered an interdisciplinary discussion between the schools of Architecture and of Environment Science at Syracuse University. The work was awarded a Thesis Citation of Excellence.


Ms. Zhupa teaches ARCH470; an introductory course exploring computation and fabrication technologies as they affect the design process in architecture. A new era of architectural thought has emerged through the development of Digital Design Media in Architecture, completely transforming the design process. Computation has expanded designers’ abilities to deal wtih highly sophisticated and complex design problems, by enabling them to generate and explore spaces in the virtual world. In doing so, a number of design opportunities can be exploited, further informing the design process.


M Arch - Syracuse University 2013
BS Architecture - University of Maryland, College Park 2009