Hooman Koliji

Associate Professor
(301) 405-0754
ARC 1219

Hooman Koliji holds Master degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and a Ph.D. in Architecture and Design Research with a concentration on the realm of the "In-between" in architectural theory and representation.


Professor Koliji has been practicing in the Middle East and in the United State over 15 years as a designer, project manager, and a firm principal. The result has been several built projects in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. Razi Cinematic center, his recently completed project, accorded honor by the municipality of Tehran city.


Having been a visiting scholar to the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at Technische Universität Wien (TU-Wien) Austria in 2003-4, Koliji developed his academic associations to the Continental Europe, among which is the LE:NOTRE Project. His teaching experience spans the disciplines of architecture and landscape architecture, calling attention for a cohesive design perspective of indoor and outdoor spaces. As an educator, he also integrates non-Western and Western traditions of architectural conceiving in the design studio.


Professor Koliji's research operates at the intersection of architectural and landscape theory and representation including design and architectural scholarship, architectural education, design-build, Islamic art and architecture (theories and practices), and theories of representation. His is the author of the book Dirineh Khâneh (2005), a verbal-visual architectural narrative that led him to his current research.


He joined the School of Architecture Planning and Preservation after over eight years of teaching in architecture and landscape architecture programs in Iran and at Virginia Tech.


PhD in Architecture and Design Research - Virginia Polytechnic and State University-Washington Alexandria Architecture Center 2005 - 2012
MLA - Virginia Polytechnic and State University-Blacksburg 2007 - 2009
PhD Studies - Shahid Beheshti University 2000 - 2004
M Arch - Shahid Beheshti University 1997 - 2000
B Arch - Shahid Beheshti University 1991 - 2000