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Changing the way we design and build our cities and communities is the first step toward developing a pattern for a sustainable world. Since World War II, the American landscape in particular has suffered from uncontrolled and unsustainable suburban sprawl. These patterns of development have contributed to air and water pollution, necessitated long commute times in personal vehicles, resulted in the formation of communities that have little or no civic identity, and drawn vital development away from urban centers.


Urban design looks beyond the design of individual buildings in order to provide sustainable design solutions for cities, towns, landscapes and campuses.  The post-professional degree program allows students to focus their studies in urban design, one of the Architecture Program’s nationally-recognized strengths. Study in the post-professional program can be complemented by coursework in urban planning, historic preservation and real estate development.  

Profile of Applicants

Applicants who already possess a professional degree in architecture, such as a Bachelor of Architecture, Master of Architecture or Doctor of Architecture, may apply to the Master of Science in Architecture post-professional degree program. Many applicants to the program already have professional experience and/or professional registration. 

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition, fees and other expenses for degrees at the University of Maryland are posted on the Office of the Bursar website.

The Master of Science in Architecture degree is a post-professional degree, it is not an accredited professional degree. Only applicants who already possess an accredited professional degree will be considered for admission. Applicants who have prior professional experience may receive preferential consideration for admission.

Visiting the School

The best way to learn more about the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation is to visit. Throughout the year, both the School and the University of Maryland invite prospective undergraduate students to "Visit Maryland Days" and prospective graduate students to attend our annual Graduate Open House. Whether you choose to visit on one of these special days and get the grand tour or you prefer to arrange an individual tour, a visit will certainly help you decide if the University of Maryland is the place to start your future. In addition, architecture studio reviews are always open to the public.



Post-professional Master of Science in Architecture degree candidates must complete at least 30 credits to be awarded a degree. Typically, students complete the degree requirements within three semesters of the initiation of the program. Additionally, internships with local firms and public agencies provide practical exposure for students enrolled in this program. Applicants are also considered for teaching assistantships and graduate assistantships.


Semester 1


Architectural Elective (ARC654 or ARCH655 recommended)



Semester 2

ARCH797 Thesis Proseminar (3)

Elective (ARC654 or ARCH655 recommended)



Semester 3

ARCH799 Masters Thesis Research (6 credit hours for initial term / 1 credit hour thereafter)

ARCH798 Thesis in Architecture (3)